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Charlestown Mayor's Office

Dr. Treva Hodges, PhD

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Mayor Treva Hodges Charlestown

Welcome from the Mayor

As Mayor it is my honor to serve the City of Charlestown and to welcome visitors and new residents to our beautiful city. Whether you’re here to conduct business or learn more about the Charlestown way, I’m thrilled you stopped by. Our community is comprised of residents and businesses that blend the convenience of an urban environment with the comfort of small town relationships. We welcome you to stop in, share a meal, and check out all the beautiful parks and spaces that we hold dear. My staff and I are at your service and here to answer questions, please feel free to reach out. - Treva

What Does the Mayor Do?

Mayor Hodges began her first term in January, 2020. The mayor is the executive official, and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City of Charlestown. Pursuant to Indiana statute, the mayor’s responsibilities include:

  • Enforcement of the ordinances of the city and the statutes of the state;

  • Providing a statement of the finances and general condition of the city to the city legislative body at least once a year;

  • Providing any information regarding city affairs that the legislative body requests;

  • Recommending, in writing, to the legislative body actions that the executive considers proper;

  • Calling special meetings of the legislative body when necessary;

  • Supervising subordinate officers;

  • Ensuring efficient government of the city;

  • Filling vacancies in city offices when required;

  • Signing all bonds, deeds, and contracts of the city and all licenses issued by the city; and

  • The approval or veto of ordinances, orders, and resolutions of the city council.


Contact the Mayor

Contact Mayor Hodges by phone, email or letter, invite her to an event, request a proclamation or schedule a meeting via her assistant, Jenny Works here.

Mayor's Staff

Meet  Mayor Hodges' staff and the various City departments that keep things running in Charlestown or learn how to contact her team here.

Mayor's Initiatives

Read more about the programs and initiatives and other issues that Mayor Hodges and her team are currently working on via this link.

State of the City

Mayor Hodges is entering the final third of her first year in office. Watch this space for her virtual state of the City Address, coming soon!

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