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Charlestown City Council Meeting - August 3rd, 2020

The Charlestown City Council will meet on Monday, August 3rd 2020 in the Common Council Chambers at Charlestown City Hall, 304 Main Cross at 6:30 PM. The meeting is open to the public, and will be video-streamed live online and later archived to the city's Youtube page.


Public Comment may be made in person (please contact City Hall in advance, or sign in prior to the meeting at the table in the entryway of the Council Chambers). To ensure the safety of our staff and community members, social distancing precautions will be in place at all public meetings - limited seating space is available. Everyone who wishes to speak will be allowed in to do so - but in order to limit overall crowd size to that which comfortably allows for physical distancing, it may be necessary to limit capacity and cycle everyone through.

In this time of unique circumstances due to COVID-19 and in accordance with Governor Holcomb's Executive Order 20-08, public comment may also be submitted by email to be read at the meeting up until 5:00 PM via email to

A Zoom link will also be available for public comment upon request, please email at least one hour prior to the meeting to make arrangements. You may join the meeting via Zoom video, or via phone by dial-in.


The August 3rd meeting will also include a public hearing regarding a revision of the City of Charlestown sanitation ordinance (2020-OR-12). The purpose of the public hearing is to accept comment on a proposed ordinance amending the rates for trash collection and disposal for customers of the Charlestown, Indiana Sanitation Department. Ordinance (2020-OR-12) provides for a rate increase of $2.52 per month to cover a shortfall in operating expenses, and is available for review at the City Hall at 304 Main Cross, Charlestown, Indiana 47111. Or viewable online here:

Ordinances & Resolutions on the Agenda for 8/3/20 Include:

Resolution -R- 8 - Transfer of real estate property from Council to Redevelopment (Tabled)

Ordinance 2020-OR- 12 - Collection & Removal of Solid Waste - (Tabled)

Ordinance 2020-OR- 15 - OCRA Fair Housing Ordinance (Mayor)

Ordinance 2020-OR- 16 - Police Department Transfer of Funds $7,500.00 - Chief Wolff

Ordinance 2020- OR- 17 - Additional Appropriation for Capital Trust - $386,000.00 -(Mayor)

Ordinance 2020-OR- 18 - Amends Ordinance 2018-OR-l 1 establishing sewer capacity fees (adding disconnect fee) (Mayor)

New Business Items Include:

Animal Control Ordinance- Discussion (Council)

Scheduling & Budget Workshop (Council)

Radar Speed Signs - (Chief Wolff)

A complete agenda and related documents may be viewed via the links below:

Download PDF • 45KB
Download PDF • 120KB
Download PDF • 676KB
Download PDF • 1.49MB
Executive Minutes
Download PDF • 44KB
PR Voucher
Download PDF • 112KB
Resolution 8
Download PDF • 83KB
Ordinance 12
Download PDF • 451KB
ORD 15
Download PDF • 600KB
ORD 16
Download PDF • 61KB
ORD 17
Download PDF • 41KB
ORD 18
Download PDF • 447KB


Contact the Charlestown City Council:

District 2: Ruthie Jackson

District 3: B. J. Steele

District 4: Brian Hester

At-Large: J. T. Cox

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