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Charlestown City Council Meeting - March 1st, 2021

The Charlestown City Council will meet on Monday, March 1st 2021 at 6:30 pm in the Common Council Chambers at Charlestown City Hall and will be broadcast live via the city's social media channels. Public comment regarding agenda items may be made in person at the meeting, or by email to by 5:00 p.m. on the date of the meeting. Full name and address must be included. This meeting marks the return to in-person public meetings as a result of the decrease in COVID-19 cases in our area, however the State of Indiana mandate regarding the wearing of masks in public spaces remains in effect, and seating may be limited to allow for appropriate social distancing measures.

Items on the agenda for the March 1st, 2021 City Council meeting include:

Ordinance 2020-OR-03: Establishing a Sanitary Board - (Councilwoman Jackson)

Ordinance 2021-OR-02: Additional Appropriation Ordinance from Cares Act to

Police Salary & Overtime (Mayor Hodges)

Resolution 2021-R-1: Interlocal agreement between Clark County and the City of Charlestown (Bethany Road Project) - (Councilwoman Jackson, Tabled from prev. Meeting) Revised

Resolution 2021-R-2: Resolution Authorizing OCRA Application Submission - (Mayor Hodges)

Resolution 2021-R-3: Resolution Authorizing the Issuance of Bonds- (Mayor Hodges)

Complete agenda and related documents available below in PDF format.

State of Indiana mandates regarding the wearing of masks remain in effect, currently at least through March 31st. Gov. Eric Holcomb’s order requires Hoosiers age 8 and up to mask themselves in all indoor public settings, and outdoors when they cannot maintain 6 feet of distance from others.


Agenda 2
Download PDF • 157KB
PR Docket
Download PDF • 122KB
Download PDF • 606KB
Download PDF • 1.41MB
Download PDF • 135KB
RES 1 Bethany
Download PDF • 484KB
RES 2 Authorizing OCRA Application
Download PDF • 92KB
ORD 3 Sanitary
Download PDF • 173KB

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