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Charlestown's Esports program kicks off this weekend with free Spring Break Rocket League Tournament

Charlestown, IN - Tuesday, March 23rd 2021 – The Charlestown Parks Department will venture in the world of Esports later this week, kicking off a Spring Break Rocket League tournament to be held beginning March 22nd. The event will be held virtually, with gamers participating from their homes in an online environment hosted by event organizers, and will be streamed live via Twitch.

Rocket League combines arcade-style soccer and vehicular mayhem, is rated E for everyone, and is available for free on PC, Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Switch. Charlestown’s Rocket League tournament event is free and open to players of all ages, skill levels, or platforms – participants can bring their own partner or request to be assigned to one.

The city’s Rocket League tournament is a collaboration of the Charlestown Parks Department and the Mayor’s Youth Advisor, Ethan Biggs. Biggs was appointed last year to serve in an advisory capacity to city government, representing the concerns of local students while helping to keep them up to speed with what’s happening at City Hall. Biggs, an avid gamer, approached staff with the idea and will bring his expertise to manage the tournament.

“I wanted to help create an eSport League to help give the youth an activity they could participate in while continuing to practice social distancing.” said Ethan Biggs. “I hope to expand the games we can host in the future and help give people opportunities to improve and even get discovered by colleges for gaming.”

The North American Scholastic eSport Federation (NASEF) believes eSport leagues provide a growth in sense of community and can emphasize teamwork. It can also provide benefits in qualities such as problem-solving, attention and concentration, enhances memory and can improve coordination. Colleges across the country are increasingly offering competitive esports programs and even scholarship opportunities. The City of Charlestown plans to continue the program with a variety of other opportunities.

“This e-sport tournament demonstrates how involving the youth of our community in our programming and decision making pays off,” said Mayor Treva Hodges.

“Ethan takes his role as Legislative Youth Advisor seriously and we are fortunate to have his insight and partnership as we work to to engage our young people in ways that speak to their interests. It’s especially welcome in light of the need to continue COVID-19 precautions, while we begin to work back into our traditional programming.”

If you can't participate in this tournament but would like to be kept in the loop regarding other opportunities, take a moment to fill out this short form - we'll send you the latest info on coming Esports and gaming programs.


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