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CHS Sophomore Ethan Biggs to serve as Charlestown Mayor's Legislative Youth Advisor

The City of Charlestown would like to welcome Ethan Biggs, who joins us this week as the Mayor’s appointment to the role of Legislative Youth Advisor.

Ethan is a Sophomore at Charlestown High School, and a Freshman at Ivy Tech Community College where he is studying Computer Science and Cybersecurity.

Ethan also serves as a volunteer with Charlestown Little League, Christmas with a Cop, and the CMS Wrestling team. He is a member of the Scaliwags vocal group and the WPMQ broadcast program with CHS - in his free time Ethan enjoys building computers, EA Sports, gaming and golfing. He is the son of Marnie and Adam Clark of Charlestown. Biggs also works at his family’s business (K9K Solutions) and occasionally works for Southern Indiana Sports Productions running their IT for Friday night live-streamed Varsity athletic events.

Ethan says he decided this would be a good opportunity to be a voice for the Charlestown youth while learning about civic service and local government.

“I am honored that Mayor Hodges has chosen me to serve our community,” said Biggs. “ I look forward to serving the community.”

Mayor Hodges states that it is vital to include the perspectives and needs of our youth in decisions we make that affect life in our community. “The Legislative Youth Advisor will play an important role in helping to ensure that our school-aged residents have a voice in the operation of local government,” Hodges said.

“Ethan has committed to serve in this role for this academic year and will have the chance to speak in an advisory capacity at the regular meetings of the Common Council. I am excited to celebrate the creation of this new position and thrilled to have someone with Ethan’s dedication and commitment to our community on board.”

Ethan will attend City Council meetings and other events, and serve as a point of contact for Charlestown youth as their liaison with local government.

Indiana code allows for the Mayor to appoint a person under the age of 18 to serve and represent Charlestown in an advisory capacity to the local legislative body.

IC 36-4-13Chapter 13. Legislative Body Youth Adviser

36-4-13-1Appointment of youth adviser

36-4-13-2Youth adviser not a member

IC 36-4-13-1Appointment of youth adviser

Sec. 1. The presiding officer of the legislative body of a municipality may appoint an individual who is not more than eighteen (18) years of age to serve as an adviser to the legislative body on matters affecting youth in the community. As added by P.L.69-2008, SEC.2.

IC 36-4-13-2Youth adviser not a member

Sec. 2. An individual appointed under section 1 of this chapter is not a member of the legislative body. As added by P.L.69-2008, SEC.2.

The Legislative Youth Advisor attends all meetings of the Common Council, serving as a non-voting advisor to the municipal legislative body (Mayor and City Council), and as a point of contact for other young citizens to express their perspectives and opinions about issues that affect the day-to-day operations of Charlestown city government.

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