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City of Charlestown Deeds Property for Habitat for Humanity Clark & Floyd Indiana House

CHARLESTOWN, IN, June 4, 2021 —Habitat for Humanity Clark & Floyd Indiana announced today a partnership with the City of Charlestown and Mayor Dr. Treva Hodges to build a Habitat for Humanity home in Charlestown. The Board of Public Works of the City of Charlestown, Indiana voted to transfer previously blighted city-owned property located at 175 Maple Drive to Habitat for Humanity Clark & Floyd Indiana. This donation represents Habitat’s inaugural presence in Charlestown.

“Welcoming Habitat for Humanity to Charlestown for the first time is incredibly rewarding,” said Mayor Treva Hodges. “Our community has much to offer for new homeowners and we can’t wait to meet the family who will make a new home here. Tackling blight is a challenge for all cities but with partners like Habitat for Humanity the process is much easier and comes with a great reward for everyone involved. I want to thank Jerry Leonard and all of the Habitat for Humanity community for this opportunity. I look forward to swinging a hammer with you!”

Jerry Leonard, executive director for Habitat for Humanity Clark & Floyd County, said a family has been selected to receive the house once it is constructed on the property. A single mother of two young children will be the perfect fit for the neighborhood and Charlestown.

“We are so excited to be able to partner together and provide affordable housing options to the City of Charlestown. Mayor Hodges and her team have been wonderful to work with and are just as eager as we are to begin building!” Leonard went on to say, “the residents and businesses of Charlestown have already started reaching out to help build this house. This will be one of the most exciting builds we have done in our 30 years serving the area.”

Habitat for Humanity Clark & Floyd Indiana will begin construction on the property in early 2022 with the house being completed late summer 2022.

For additional information and full press release with contact information click the link below:

City of Charlestown Deeds Property for H
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