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Masks mandated for buildings owned/maintained by the City of Charlestown

From the office of Mayor Treva Hodges, an Executive Order requiring the wearing of masks in all City of Charlestown Buildings was signed on Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021.

In each and every building owned or maintained by the City of Charlestown, Indiana, any person entering such building, for any purpose whatsoever, shall wear a mask covering their mouth and nose.

The order also reads, "... while COVID-19 cases had decreased significantly through the Spring of this year as vaccines became readily available to the general public, recent weeks have seen a resurgent number of cases, due in part to the emergence of a more virulent variant of the virus."

This policy shall remain in effect until August 30, 2021, unless its extension is authorized either by the Mayor or the Board of Public Works for the City of Charlestown.

Mayor Hodges can be reached via email at or by phone at (502) 297-4390.

The attached PDF is a copy of the signed Executive Order.

2021.EO.1 Order Requiring Masks in City Buildings
Download PDF • 1.61MB

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