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‘Twas the Night Before Charlestown

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas in Charlestown

by Leah Lowe, Multimedia Director

‘Twas the night before Christmas,

and all through Charlestown

Lights twinkled and glowed, our spirit renowned

The festive bright light show, on the square every evening,

Left families in awe, and children believing

That despite the uncertainty, sadness and stress,

The magic of Christmas, had arrived nonetheless

While things were quite different, and not as year’s past,

The Charlestown spirit would endure, and outlast

No pandemic, no loss could stop Christmas from coming,

Or the barump-a-bump-bump of a drummerboy’s drumming

Hark, the angels still sing - the bells are still ringing,

We remember the manger, we remember the meaning

We filled our food pantries, brought bikes and toys,

we donated to causes, shared our blessings and joys

Ice skating and train rides, these traditions we missed

memories of past years, we still reminisced,

with much greater fondness, their value revived

Yet despite 2020, our town’s joy has survived

I ask you my friends, do you hear what I hear?

In this cold silent night, the message rings clear

We’re more than an annual lightshow for tourists

This simpler season, quite perhaps our purest

With no bells and whistles, just the bright Christmas lights

we’ve found moments of joy on the darkest of nights

Through the love of each other, and the hope of tomorrow

we’ve pushed through this year and all of its sorrow

Hark - for 800 years man’s not seen such a star,

so when dear friends and family feel terribly far

Remember we’re all shining under its light

Though distanced, that love from afar still burns bright

We’ll gather again, we’ll have good times and laughter

May its meaning be so much more, from hereafter

And for those who have lost someone special this year,

With you we mourn, for your loved ones so dear

We remember their smiles, in your grief we share

And we’re sorry this year’s been so very unfair

Holidays hurt, when we miss them so much,

the sound of their voice and the warmth of their touch

You’re not forgotten and neither are they,

One day at a time, let that love guide the way

May their spirit live on through the good that you do

And the ones that you love, and the ones who love you

In closing, we hope when you wake Christmas day

The weight of this year, will not get in the way

Because Covid can’t cancel our hope, love, and joy

Or the magic of Christmas for each girl and boy.

Twas the Night Before Christmas in Charl
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